Don Ho – Tiny Bubbles


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Side 1:

  1. Please Wait For Me (Smith-Raleigh)
  2. One Paddle, Two Paddle (Kui Lee)
  3. Beautiful Kauai (Randy Farden)
  4. Young Land (Lani Kai)
  5. Happy Me (Pober-Pukui-Aluli)
  6. Hawaii (Main Theme from the Motion Picture “Hawaii”)

Side 2:

  1. You’ll Never Go Home (Leon Pober)
  2. She’s Gone Again (Kui Lee)
  3. Geev’Um (Eaton Magoon, Jr.)
  4. The Lights of Home (Graham-Pober)
  5. Tiny Bubbles (Leon Pober)
  6. I Love the Simple Folks (Howlett-Smith)



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