Jo4Over the years my treasure hunt finds have evolved into my vintage beaded baskets! After much trial and error I have developed my own techniques for wrapping wire in order to adorn the baskets with beads of every color, type and age. Some of my baskets are decorated with beads I have made myself from handmade colorful paper, vintage wrapping paper, old magazines, and sheet music. Each of my patterns, color schemes, and bead choices are based on each individual basket which means no two are alike.

As is the case with most creative people I am always trying new endeavors, many of which I end up deciding aren’t my thing. In addition to my baskets, though, a few have developed into other artistic passions. One is my acrylic hand painted record bowls and another is repurposing vintage glass and china. Each of my pieces is a winning combination of beautiful colors, patterns, fine detail, and repurposing!

I could spend every waking hour on my beaded baskets, painted record bowls, and vintage glassware. I enjoy the challenge of creating something beautiful from something no longer being used or loved. It gives me the most amazing feeling. There is no greater joy than seeing someone’s face light up when they personally connect with one of my designs. I feel blessed to have discovered my passion in life and sincerely hop that my creations help make this world a little more Colorful!